Jewelry Artist Anne Kornow


Tadah! Jewelry with Custom Boxes by Anne Kornow

Unique hand-made jewelry packaged in unique hand-made boxes – all ready for gift giving! This artist has successfully shown her talent around the world and now she is showing at Artistica Gallery. Anne enjoys working with silver, copper, and brass; sometimes combining metals for a more diverse look.  She also likes to add Swarovski Crystals, beads and stones to add more color to her jewelry.

All ear wires are individually hand fashioned from sterling silver. Each box is made from cardstock, cut into a rectangle then scored, folded and enhanced to reflect what is inside. Open the box, and Tadah–there is the jewelry!

Anne is one of the owners of Artistica Gallery.

Deb and Lary


Classic Jewelry Creations

We’re Deb and Lary.  After working in the corporate world for over 30 years, we wanted to develop a business of our own that would enable us to connect with our customers, express our creativity, and make people smile and feel good.

So…in 2014 we created Classic Jewelry Creations.  Our jewelry is an eclectic combination of repurposed, vintage, and newly designed pieces.  With some of our newly designed pieces, we often use metals such as copper and stainless steel.  Our metal alloys of choice include pewter and brass.  We also like to combine interesting metal components with natural stones that our earth has created.

Anita Spencer


Glass Bead Jewelry

I am drawn to a love of the natural world: rocks, plants, birds, and sea life.  This interest finds expression in beads that are organic in design, color, and texture.  I also am guided by a need to be organized and to be technically precise, as evidenced in beads that are more graphic in design.  And always, my work is driven by my curiosity and desire to experiment and learn new techniques.  Enjoy!